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international students’ conference
April 10-14, 2024

Through this conference, we wish to inspire courage in young students to work together and face the future with the strength that comes from a diverse and collaborative group. When we learn from each other in an open way, we see where we can combine our attributes to fill in for another, and by doing so can discover new ways to go about the issues our world is facing, ways we wouldn’t be able to find each on our own. As a bundle of arrows is unsnappable whereas a single arrow is weak, so much stronger are we as a team compared to separate individuals. But in order to find our way together, it is required of each member to find independently in themselves the will force to start tackling the immense struggles of our globe.
The International Students’ Conference of 2024 will take place at the Goetheanum in Switzerland, transforming each patio, field, and hall into a forum of excited and passionate faces and lively voices. Guest speakers will give inspiration and share their wisdom in lectures. Workshops will provide the space for reflection and exploration so that the new inspiration will get the opportunity to take form. In between, games will be played, songs will be sung, and art will be performed and experienced, so that we will become not just a group of students, but a group of friends. Our goal is to provide a space where connections can be made across countries and even continents so that through all those different lenses through which the world is perceived, a new clarity can be discovered.

formats of the international students’ conference

The International Students’ Conference is an event that is so important for us and the participants that the design of the conference is not limited to a one-dimensional imprint, such as knowledge transfer or community building, but tries to unite many formats in one big experience.
Over the five days, the intention is to showcase the conference’s concerns in a variety of interlocking formats.


Since the ISC has a conference theme in its idea and structure, the various aspects of the conference will relate in direct or indirect ways to the chosen theme of the conference.
A mosaic piece of the ISC are the three lectures, which differ in design and content.
International and local speakers will give a wide range of impulses appropriate to their field of activity through the lectures, which will take place in the Great Hall.


The stages of the Goetheanum should not only be used by speakers, but also for various performances, for example musical, dance or eurythmy.
For this purpose, guest performances by artists, but also student performances can fill the hall!


The lively interaction we value so much and the many friendships that develop at the ISC often begin and continue in the workshops!
From herbology and poetry slam to pottery and woodwork, juggling and folk dance, we create spaces where participants can meet each other in action. And we warmly invite you to write us your workshop idea, to offer the workshop yourself and to help shape the ISC!

More formats following soon

The ISC offers space to further formats, such as discussion groups, group actions and activities. They will be introduced once we have shaped the program more precisely and are able to share more information with you regarding the details of the ISC24!

We will come together at the Goetheanum Campus, a magical place to meet with people from all around the world.

During the ISC24, you’ll get the chance to get to know the building and history of the Goetheanum and its surroundings.

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