Organized by THE waldorf sv and the youth section at the goetheanum

The International Students’ Conference is organised by the Youth Section at the Goetheanum in collaboration with the WaldorfSV. The WaldorfSV is the board of students’ representatives of Waldorf Schools in Germany. Furthermore, a diverse group of young people coming from the States, Japan, Belgium and Germany had expressed their interest in organising and are a valuable and significant part of the team. The Youth Section at the Goetheanum holds the core and overview in organising this event.
In the past, for each conference, two young people would take the chance to join the team of the Youth Section at the Goetheanum and work on this conference for eight months. Next to her task at the Youth Section House, Gabriele Nys has been focusing on the students’ conference and will take this further together with Noël Norbron. He is a former member of the WaldorfSV and was part of the ISC21 organising team too. He will move to Dornach to join the team starting in October 2023.

Previous International Students’ Conferences

since 2015 the isc takes place at the goetheanum in dornach, switzerland


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ISC15 “What connects us?”